My Exception to the All-Black Rule

Wearing too many colors makes me uncomfortable. That’s why I stick to black. You can never go wrong with black.

My one exception, however, is cobalt blue. I absolutely adore it. This coat from Topshop was the start of my cobalt obsession. I was standing in line to buy a shirt (it happened to be black), when the brilliant, bright blue caught my eye. I saw it, tried it on, and bought it on the spot. It’s brighter than it appears in this photo so when you wear it on the streets of New York, it really stands out.
Surprisingly, I have actually run into many people wearing the same shade of blue. There is one girl at NYU who actually has the exact same coat… I guess the city is big enough for us to 11350035_10206052753309271_773990162_nshare the coat.
But the East Village sanitation workers wear jumpsuits in this particular shade. As well as tourists in ski jackets. My favorite cobalt companion, however, is the entirety of the Apple store sales team. I unintentionally wore the jacket to the Apple store one day and was slightly mortified to discover that I blended in! My friend thought it was hilarious and had to capture the moment.

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