Six Weeks Later

These past six weeks have flown by incredibly quickly! A month and a half sounds like a long time (and some days dragged on for what felt like forever), but looking back, I can’t believe that it’s already over. At times, my classes were draining and there was no end in sight to the work, but being in the City of Lights made it all worth it.

Eiffel Tower

Instead of a long, heartfelt essay on how much I’ve grown, I’m just going to list all my favorite things about my time here:

  • Monoprix. I’ve expressed my love for this supermarket chain before, but I had to mention it again ❤
  • My new Parisian friends!
  • The shopping… Enough said.
  • Getting photographed for a street style blog on my second day!
  • The Givenchy fashion show after party
  • Hanging out on the Champs de Mars while the Eiffel Tower is twinkling at night
  • The Fête de la Musique
  • Our professors. They are such characters! My French Professor was definitely the best part of my academic experience at NYU Paris.
  • Going to see a ballet at the Opera Garnier
  • Exploring the many museums of Paris (and getting to know the D’Orsay a little too well…)
  • Free coffee days
  • But most of all, fresh baguettes!

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