Finally! Some Chic Winter Boots | Sponsored by DSW

I was raised with the mentality that snow boots had to be these ugly hulking rubber things that you did not want to be caught dead in. My dad’s family is from Minnesota so winter clothing was always hyper-functional, but never cute. The only time I wear them in NYC is when it is SO SNOWY that nobody else is able to look at your feet haha.

So when I came to college in New York, I had my clunky boots and everyone else had just landed from Cali with super cute snow boots and I was thrown off! I kept my ugly black rubber boots for soooo long. This winter, I’m finally stepping up my winter boot game with these Timberland boots from DSW. They are so slim and chic yet sturdy and perfect for the impending snow.

What do you think? Would you rock these?

Shop the look directly on my
Boots: DSW Timberland Bramhall Bootie ($129.99)
Jacket: Abercrombie Sherpa Denim Jacket ($140)
Sports Bra: I can’t remember where I got it from (SAD!) but I’ve linked similar ones in my above!
Leggings: Aritzia Daria Pant ($135)


Sponsored by DSW
Photography: Devon DeBari

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